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The Challenge

The crane system is designed for operation on a chemical process line facility with aggressive acidic conditions running 10 operation per hour on a 24 hour basis, with the system holding a fixture containing components in a stable level and fixed condition, whilst performing an automated smooth vertical oscillation. Given the non-stop operational times access was a challenge for this project. Installation and testing needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the customers operation.

The Solution

The crane system was installed and commissioned over a 3 day installation period on site following successful factory acceptance testing in our works. The solution comprised of a single drive mechanism powering 4 screw jacks and the fixture on the crane system is capable of safely processing up to 200 kg of component parts. It uses a screw jack mechanism controlled by a PLC control system, which enables the customer to change the oscillation parameters of the machine through a touch screen HMI with the crane itself having encoders and limit switches on board to monitor the conditions of operation.

The crane system traverses along a fixed monorail beam on variable speed electric travel trolleys with the operator controlling the raise and lowering functions manually, as well as being able to run the oscillating function through a suspended pendant hand controller on a festoon system.

The main structure of the monorail crane is coated with a C4 painted finish to ISO12944 and stainless steel caging is present to all four sides to protect the operator when in use.

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