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Frequency inverters, also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs) or variable speed devices (VSDs), are electronic devices that allow the control of the speed and torque of an electric motor by varying the frequency of the power supplied to it.

They are commonly used in cranes and hoists to provide smooth and precise control of the lifting and lowering operations and are sometime used to provide a "soft start" and "soft stop" on your lifting or travelling motion.

In the past, cranes and hoists were typically operated using a fixed-speed motor and a gearbox, which limited the control options and resulted in jerky movements and excessive wear on the machinery. However, with the advent of frequency inverters, crane and hoist operators can now benefit from improved performance, reduced maintenance costs, and increased safety.

Hoist UK have the ability to supply your cranes, hoists and lifting equipment with frequency inverters or variable speed devices to suit you lifting operation.


One of the primary advantages of using frequency inverters in cranes and hoists is the ability to control the speed of the motor in real-time. This allows for precise positioning and movement of the load, which is critical in many industrial applications.

Additionally, frequency inverters can provide soft-start and soft-stop capabilities, which reduces wear on the machinery and increases safety for operators and bystanders.

Another advantage of using frequency inverters in cranes and hoists is the ability to adjust the torque output of the motor. This is particularly useful in situations where the load being lifted is variable or difficult to handle, such as in windy conditions or with irregularly shaped objects. By adjusting the torque output, the operator can ensure that the load is lifted and moved smoothly and safely.


  • Reduces the pendulum effect and can even cancel it (ESP option)
  • Increases the mechanical life span of suspended cranes and the electrical life span of lift and trolley motors
  • Increases productivity of your hoist station
  • Soft start of lifting and/or travelling motion
  • Soft stop of your lifting and/or travelling motion
  • Reduces energy consumption and the size of supply lines
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Optimal utilisation of work space
  • Smaller investments and faster return on investment


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