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The Challenge

A House of Stone’s workshop had a reduced headroom working environment with a unique ceiling structure which would require our teams to design and manufacture bespoke brackets that could support an overhead lifting system.

The Solution

From discussing the customers’ requirements and assessing their working environment we believe that the Verlinde Eurosystem ST steel hollow profile overhead handling system would be the best suited lifting solution.

The system was designed with steel UKA 40 profile beams and suspended double girder crane, ideally suited for low headroom operations.

To work around the ceiling structure we designed and manufactured a series of bespoke brackets to enable to safe installation of the Eurosystem ST.

Our engineering team installed the system to a very tight tolerance with just 12mm of clearance between the top of the crane and the underside of the precast concrete ceiling.

The Eurosystem ST in this particular application allows the operator to move the load with very little effort due to the design on the system. Featuring a manual trolley together with powered lift the system provides a flexible, efficient and safe lifting and handling solution with a load capacity of 630 kg that delivers easy, smooth and low-noise movement.

Hoist UK

Paul Jordan, Director at Hoist UK

“We understand that every project is unique and standard products aren’t always the best solution. Our team of designers are on hand to work with project managers and produce bespoke solutions that are designed around the specific needs of your project”.


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